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COCONUT CAULIFLOWER RICE BUDDHA BOWL : During the warmer months, I tend to live off smoothie bowls and buddha bowls. I love them both for their ease, customizability and nutrition. I especially love buddha bowls because you can pack them full of whatever you have on hand, they’re perfect for food prep and you can make each one as different or as similar as the last. I don’t often use recipes for budhha bowls because they can really be made however you like but because I love them so much, I decided to start sharing some simple recipe ideas with you. First up, we’ve got a Coconut Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce that I know you’re going to love.


A buddha bowl is just a fun name for a colourful bowl, typically composed of healthy, plant-based ingredients like vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and proteins. Apparently the name “Buddha Bowl” comes from the overstuffed bowl resembling the belly of a buddha. They’re also sometimes called macro bowls, hippie bowls or sunshine bowls. Whatever you call them, they’re really easy to make, nutrient-dense and with all the mixed flavours, colours and textures, they’re both beautiful and delicious!


The best part about buddha bowls is there are no rules, no strict guidelines and no recipes needed! If you browse Pinterest or search “buddha bowl” in Google, you’ll notice that most bowls are loaded with loads of veggies, usually piled high on top of whole grains and leafy greens and then topped with extras like nuts, seeds, avocado and sprouts and finished off with a yummy sauce.



A lot of buddha bowls will have a base of grains such as quinoa, brown rice or some kind of noodle. Today we’re switching things up and going grain-free with a base of coconut cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is easy to make, filling, low in carbohydrates and packed with fibre and nutrition so it makes a nice alternative to rice.

I’ve shared a number of cauliflower rice recipes on the blog before. You can check out my Healthy “Fried” Cauliflower Rice, Thai Red Curry Cauliflower Rice and Quick Peanut Cauliflower Rice for some fun ways to get started with cauliflower rice dishes. I’ve even made a breakfast rice pudding with cauliflower!

For this grain-free buddha bowl, I made a base of coconut cauliflower rice by cooking the riced cauliflower with light coconut milk, shredded coconut, garlic powder and cilantro. I know not everyone is a fan of cilantro, so feel free to leave it out if you want but I love it, so bring it on!

Now for the sauce. This beautiful bowl is getting topped with my favourite buddha bowl sauce, you guessed it…peanut sauce. Peanut sauce and tahini are always in a close race for the best buddha bowl dressing but with the coconut flavours, I think peanut sauce is the way to go for this one. You could also substitute almond, cashew or sunflower seed butter if you prefer.

I went with a coconut peanut sauce so you can use up more of the can of light coconut milk you’ll need for the cauliflower rice. This sauce is super addicting so feel free to make extra and use it on all sorts of salads and other buddha bowls.

If you don’t feel like building a whole buddha bowl, try a bowl of the coconut cauliflower rice smothered in the peanut sauce. Oh, man. This sauce is GOOD.

Alright, let’s get into this Coconut Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl. Enjoy!


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