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As a veteran traveler, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how to pack and how to best navigate the airport in style. If you’ve been to the airport recently, you know that style doesn’t seem to be the first thing on your fellow traveler’s minds. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best and be comfortable and efficient at the same time. Here are a few of my favorite how to dress for the airport tips.

Wear a jacket. No matter how good you are at folding a jacket in your suitcase or carry-on, it’s going to come out wrinkled. There’s just no way around it. So it’s always best to wear your jacket to the airport. If you’re only bringing one, your wrinkle problem is solved. If you’re bringing two, well just make sure you pack a little travel steamer. When you get on the plane, take off your jacket, fold it lightly and store on top of your carry-on in the overhead bin.


Taking a hat? Keep it on. Although you shouldn’t wear a hat indoors, we can make an exception when it comes to the airport, because you’re definitely going to want to bring a Panama hat on summer vacation. Unless you own an extremely high-quality hat that you can safely roll up in your suitcase, don’t try to jam it in there. You’ll only be disappointed when you take it out and it looks like it’s been sat on.

Invest in a stylish carry-on. Luggage is practical. Yes. But so is clothing and we put a lot of effort into how we dress. You should put the same effort into your carry-on luggage. Whether it’s a stylish roller or a leather duffle, save up for a bag or suitcase that complements your style. I’ve been in love with my Frank Clegg duffle since I received it this past spring.


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